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Welcome to the UK Eriba Forum. Home of all things Eriba in the English-speaking world!

Spam Robot Security precautions will prevent newly registered members from posting anything for the first 60 Minutes!

You can change your password at any time by visiting your options page. Remember that user names and passwords are case sensitive and you will have difficulties logging in if they are not exact.

Important notice! This forum has advanced features that allow users to hold multiple conversations within each thread (String of individual posts). By indenting each new post to the right slightly and placing each new post under the post a user is replying to, other users can easily follow each conversation. It is therefore essential that you press the reply button at the bottom of the person's post you are replying to and NOT simply pressing the reply button on the last/ bottom post of that particular thread. Please ask for further assistance if you are still not sure.

Please also take the time to familiarise yourself with the various functions by clicking the Help link button near the top of the screen, just under the main logo image.
Here you will also find assistance on using the Emoticons (Smiley/ Sad faces) Bold/ Italic/ Underline text etc. and much more.

By clicking the Search button, also at the top of the screen you will find the very powerful and easy to use forum Search engine. This will enable you to find exactly what you are looking for among the thousands of posts.

There are a few rules here to consider:
1. Be nice to other users. Abusive members will not be tolerated.
2. Commercial advertising is forbidden. (Related web links in the Links section can be added subject to Admin approval)
3. Pornographic or discriminatory material/ text is forbidden.
4. Please try to place your posts in the most appropriate topic or board. (I.e. Repairs in the Repairs section etc.)

Legal Notice - This is a privately owned website for the benefit of the general public. By adding to the content you agree to give up all rights of Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights. The forum owners accept no responsibility for anything published or displayed, nor guarantee the accuracy or authenticity of what is entered or inferred. It is therefore accepted that anyone using this website has agreed to these terms completely and unconditionally.

Word of caution. This site has many registered users and these users will have access to anything you post and contained within your profile page. Some pages are visible to the outside world allowing anyone on the World Wide Web to see your posts & profile page, so it is therefore advised that for your own personal safety, you refrain from posting too much of your personal information, i.e. Phone numbers, date of birth, home address etc.

A small team of volunteers give up their free time to keep the site running smoothly. The Forum survives on donations, which cover the server operating fees. If you feel you would like to contribute to the Forum, please contact a member of the Admin team and instructions how to do this will be given. Anyone donating £5 or more will be sent two Forum logo non-adhesive vinyl window stickers.

Please note that user accounts are automatically closed by the system if users do not login within the first 30-days of registrating or return to the forum within any 365-day period and should this happen to you, you would be required to create a new account.

Private messages are automatically removed by the server after 30-days, so you are advised to back up anything you wish to keep before they expire.

Finally, this forum may require access to your computer cookies for some functions to operate should you select them (I.e. Your location to operate the members map) and in entering the forum, you are also giving approval for these cookies to be used.

We look forward to meeting you on the inside of the forum. :-)
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