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- - By Emerald puck Date 21-01-2013 22:00
Greetings from the Emerald Isle.I have just got myself a 1981 Puck and I intend on towing it with my classic Mini.I hope to take it to Italy this year to the International Mini Meeting in Mugello on a two week trip.I need to sort out the wiring on the lights and also to sort out a fridge for it.I was wondering what type of fridge do people fit to them as I was thinking of replacing the heater with a fridge but any of the fridges I have looked at online are to big and I don't want to butcher the inside as it is still all original inside.Just fitted a tow bar to my Mini but too much salt on the roads to try out towing it yet,Regards Aidan
Parent - By Randa Date 18-02-2013 15:25
Hi. We were answering another post this morning from another newbie from Ireland and noticed that you haven't had a response to your question regarding fridges. We are certainly not the people to give you an answer but have you seen this:-
Hopefully someone else on the forum will pick up this thread.
Parent - By Sharon Date 18-02-2013 18:23
How a ya ! I'm the other Irish newbie ! Would love to know how, where you found your van ?
I have an 05 mini one convertible and am trying to figure out if it would tow a small van?
If not we have a bigger 2l diesel that I can always but a tow bar on.
Totally love the eriba range and looking forward to finding one.
Good luck with your project!
Parent - - By Pollywolly (£) Date 24-02-2013 11:18
Hello there, welcome to the forum....don't know a thing about fridges, but wishing you good luck with your search and happy travels.
Parent - By Emerald puck Date 04-05-2013 14:03
Hi Sharon,I picked up my Puck in Magerafelt.There was an add on Donedeal and I went up and bought it.It needs a little work and I plan on putting a new hob and 3 way fridge in this year.Heading to Italy with it next week.
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