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- - By Trollonyte Date 23-01-2013 07:55

We just wanted to say hello. We have just bought a 2008 Troll 540 GT from AL and totally delighted with it. We have owned motor homes for over twenty years, mostly Hymers, and decided to buy a caravan after a long stay in Portugal last winter. The reason being that if you wanted to explore the smaller villages you really needed a car and towing a car with a motorhome has never really appealed to us.
There was never really any other choice but an Eriba, simply because the build quality and functional design are what we have been used to with our Hymer motorhome, and the Troll 540 fitted the bill because it has the exact same layout that our last Hymer.

We have to complement AL especially Ian, who had a lot of patience with us novice caravanners , an excellent service, especially the hand over. Although we are used to the internal workings of a caravan, towing is a whole new ballgame for us. However, we were delighted with the way it towed, and also by the fact that wherever the car could go, so too could the caravan as our tow car is the same width. Our first trip out to Wareham was excellent, and we are now looking forward to planning our next trip.
We would also like to ask any members if they have any hints and tips for novice Eriba owners, particularly packing, we would be extremely grateful.
Look forward to meeting fellow Eriba owners some time.


Graham & Sue x
Parent - - By Frantone (£) Date 23-01-2013 08:17
Welcome Graham and Sue. :)
Parent - By Trollonyte Date 06-03-2013 20:36
Thanks for your welcome,
Hope we meet some day
Parent - - By BeeGees Date 23-01-2013 19:23
Welcome!  We bought our Familia 320GT through Ian at AL last year, and can't speak highly enough of the service we received.  You will get all the hints and tips on this site, everyone is so helpful.
Parent - By Trollonyte Date 06-03-2013 20:41
Thanks for the welcome
Glad to here your getting on ok with Familia , hope to see you on sit one day.
Parent - - By Jimny (£) Date 25-03-2013 15:44
I was talking to Jason at AL the other day and Ian has now retired.
Parent - - By BeeGees Date 25-03-2013 16:13
Well I'm sure he deserves his retirement, but he was a great asset to AL, and will be missed by many.
Parent - - By Jimny (£) Date 25-03-2013 17:55
Yes, I will second that, he was a lovely fellow

Parent - By Randa Date 25-03-2013 18:25
Agreed. A very nice bloke. Hopefully he still is and will be for quite some time yet...:-)
Parent - By Trolltrio (£) Date 26-03-2013 07:31
What a shame AL won't be the same without Ian! Lovely man (I hope you are reading this Steve, and will pass on the forums regards!) He is patience personified and was very kind about my welsh cakes!
Parent - - By Trolltrio (£) Date 24-01-2013 07:19
Hi Graham and Sue, welcome to the Fraternity! We have purchased 2 eriba from AL and Ian really is an asset to the company (I told Steve that at the time!)We got our 555 Troll a couple of years back and we use the collapsible crates for storing "stuff" in the front underseat lockers. These are stored with the levelling pads, hookup cable etc nearest the door, as these are the things you will need first when you start setting up, then there is the crate with the kettle, tea pot, cups etc which is the second set of things we need  after setting up. But after a couple of trips you will soon find the way you pack your stuff will evolve to the way you find most appropriate. Some of us travel with the bare minimum, others pack their home from home to the gunnels! Part of the fun of a "new" eriba is deciding how to fill all that extra storage space you have!
Parent - By Trollonyte Date 06-03-2013 20:20
Thanks Trolltrio, we have been up to Minehead c.c. site for a week to try things out , all things went very well.
The eriba was realy warm .Minehead site is great open all year & all hard-
standing. Thanks again for your help.
Parent - - By Pollywolly (£) Date 27-01-2013 07:00
Hi Graham and Sue
Welcome to the forum, it's a great place especially if struggling with decisions....a great sounding board for almost anything.   We spend a great deal of time on the continent and as you say wherever the car goes so can the Eriba, we've been through some winding village streets and mountain roads in France and Spain, most enjoyable.

Ian is very helpful and that continues long after you've driven away from AL.

Enjoy your travels.

Pauline and Michael
Parent - By Trollonyte Date 06-03-2013 20:33
Hi Pauline and Michael
We also spend a lot of time on the continent , 6 months in Portugal last year 3 months in the north and 3 in the south
We were in the camper van then,  cant wait to go in the eriba.
Thanks again for your welcome.
Parent - - By Mitch2 Date 26-03-2013 13:22
Hi Graham and Sue,

We purchased our Troll 530 from Jason at AL and should be going away next week brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Service delivery the way it should be.  It's a shame there isn't more companies who provide the excellent service from AL.

A tip as we learned after a few days.  Be careful of the wind blowing your door open, if it is attached on the door stay.  There are some threads on this forum and I found a you tube video with a simple fix.

Parent - By Trollonyte Date 19-04-2013 19:24
Hope you had a good week away and not to cold we had a week at Exeter racecourse it was freezing thanks for your reply
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