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- - By Trukkoman Date 23-02-2013 13:53
We are anticipating buying an Eriba Troll to tow behind our VW T5 Caravelle on various adventures and dog walking expeditions around the UK. We are curious as to why they aren't fitted with hot water systems as standard and are wondering how much of an effort and cost it is to retro fit a system. Having fitted a 10 litre electric system with mixer tap to an American Dayvan back in 1999, I know that the parts exist and aren't prohibitive. Anyway, that's down the track a bit. We look forward to enjoying the Troll when we get one and the forum and other Eriba fans. John
Parent - By eribaMotters (£) Date 23-02-2013 14:15
I installed an on-board tank and Propex electric hot water heater on my present Familia a couple of years ago. I think it cost me about £400. You can find photos here:-;hl=propex#pid80403

Parent - By Randa Date 23-02-2013 15:32
Hi John and welcome to the forum. You'll get plenty of good advice on here regarding everything to do with the Eriba. Don't know when you are anticipating picking up your Troll but you know you are welcome to attend any of this year's Eriba Meets, whether you've got an Eriba or not. We are currently organising an April meet at Builth Wells if you're interested, which is only 90 minutes away from you, where you'll be able to have a look around any number of Eribae both old and new and get plenty of advice.
Parent - - By Zirkeln (£) Date 23-02-2013 16:55
Hello John, I looked at Colins set up and did the same to my 2002 troll,
Propex heater, replacement taps, external water inlet.
Propex 10l electric water heater
Whale watermaster
Parent - - By Trukkoman Date 23-02-2013 18:00
Hi Guys...heh! what a fab collection of helps. Thanks to all of you. As it happens the deal doesn't look like going ahead so it's back to the searching and that's no hardship. I will make every endeavour to get to Builth and talk to some owners there. Thanks for the idea and suggestion. On on and best wishes to you. John
Parent - - By Logburner (£) Date 23-02-2013 20:39
Hi  Truckkoman'
Keep an eye on the forum sales..........they tend to be good value, and well looked after by enthusiasts, good hunting. :)   Ian
Parent - By Trukkoman Date 24-02-2013 09:38
Thanks Logburner ...I'll certainly do that. Thanks. John
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