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- - By sleeping sideways Date 02-03-2013 11:28
We  bought a Duo T last August, (our first Eriba), we've been out in it for a couple of days, and love it; so easy to tow. Anyway we've just booked the ferry to France for  3 weeks from June 24th - July15th. We intend to tour the Dordogne and the Lot valleys, stopping once about halfway down and the same on the way back. Could any of you recommend some nice camp sites in that area, maybe even a travel itenary, we are looking for sites near Sarlat, Souillac, Montignac, Beynac, Rocamadour, and anywhere up the Lot valley from Cahors. We won't be staying in all these places, but if you can recommend any nice sites near these towns and villages, that would be much appreciated.
Our preference for a site is that it has an outlook of some sort i.e. not under lots of trees, a view would be lovely. There are just the two of us, so children's facilities are not a necessity. One last request is for a nice site halfway between Le Havre and the Dordogne.
Thanks in anticipation.
Parent - - By Randa Date 02-03-2013 12:35
'Afternoon Bob and welcome to the forum. The first question we would ask you regarding your forthcoming trip is "do you have an ACSI Camping Card?" Here's the link:-
If you click on the Camping Card tab on the ACSI site and follow your nose after clicking on the French map, you'll see a huge selection of French camp sites all inspected and rated by ACSI.
It may well be that because you are going out at the end of June, you'll only get a limited used from an ACSI card because the higher price season starts in the first week or so of July but, in our opinion it would still be worth buying one as you'll get what you paid for it back within 3 days of camping. What will be useful as well is that you'll get two comprehensive ACSI site listing books that show the camp sites you see on their website.
Parent - - By sleeping sideways Date 03-03-2013 16:48
Brilliant Randa; I hadn't heard of ACSI, thanks very much. If I'd have known before I would have booked the ferry a couple of weeks earlier, but as you say I should still be able to easily get my money's worth from the card. I like the way you can just enter the town you're interested in, and all the sites just pop up.
Thanks again,
Parent - By Randa Date 03-03-2013 16:57
That's no problem Bob. Many forum members use ACSI. There are of course many other really good value sites in Europe that are not ACSI listed but if European travel is new to you then we feel it's worth its weight in gold.
Parent - - By matthazel Date 02-03-2013 18:11
Hi. We're just the other side of the water in Hythe.  It's our first eriba too :)
Parent - - By sleeping sideways Date 03-03-2013 16:54
Hi Matthazel
Yes you're very close as the crow (or seagull) flies across the solent, about 5 miles? but getting on for 30 miles by road. I expect we'll be venturing to The New Forest quite often if we get a summer this year, but I expect the forest is a bit too close for you.
cheers, Bob.
Parent - By matthazel Date 03-03-2013 19:26
To go to a site it is. Too easy to go for a walk every weekend :)
Parent - By rvdmikej (£) Date 04-05-2013 17:33
We're in Ryde - also across the water.  Welcome to the world of les eribistes!  ;-)

Parent - - By NZViking Date 20-03-2013 10:24
Hi There ...
A little while ago, about 2PE (pre-Eriba !) we had a gite near Saint-Félix-de-Reillac-et-Mortemart, on the D something or other  between Perigeux and Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil.  On our perambualtions around the area we kept going past a site a bit further down the road which looked nice, we'd like to return and stay for a few days.  I suppose as we were then looking for our Troll, we took a bit more notice than otherwise !
No personal review from us, it just looked nice from the road for a few days stop.  If you do stop in the area, make sure you get up to Rouffignac-Saint-Cernin-de-Reilhac for the weekend market, and the cave.
Enjoy, we'd love to return someday ....
Parent - By sleeping sideways Date 24-03-2013 11:58
Hi Andy
Thanks for the reply.The site looks nice, and thanks for the reccommendation to visit Rouffignac-Saint-Cernin-de-Reilhac, I'll put that on the list of places to go.
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