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- - By Baggiecamper (£) Date 07-03-2013 10:32
Hi from Richard age 59 soon.
Have a wife Sue, daughter Claire and son Chris both grown up now - sort of.
I feel a bit guilty for not saying hello before, having owned my Eriba Puck since November 2011.
I bought it from Automotive Leisure and have taken it out about 8 times. Towed it home with my Renault Clio 1.6 Diesel, quite a couple, I can do well over 40mpg to North Wales (not much 5th gear up them hills) with the Eriba and car well loaded. I had a problem with the power unit/battery charger, but eventually A.L. agreed to supply a new unit which I fitted.
Started camping about 20 years ago with tents and a trailer tent. I quite like rougher camping, camp fires and the like.
I have always admired Eribas having seen a nearly new Puck in Normandy about 1996. A retired Dutch couple had one (and two impressive Brompton fold up cycles) and were very keen to demonstrate.
It took me a long time  to come to my senses and buy one, ironically almost identical in age and spec. to the very first one I saw.
Being an Engineer I have done a few of my own enhancements, to make it a bit more single berth user friendly, I have added legs to the door side bed, modified the table and support so the table can be slid away from the door side bed. I have also added a satellite box on an additional shelf and separate TV on a swing bracket on the wardrobe wall - both boxes being 12V. I use a standard Sky dish with my own design bracket attached to the jockey wheel.
The Eriba came with a nearly new Soplair Awning with fiber glass Poles.  I managed to get a used bedroom Annexe from  Dominic Fox - Eriba Shop on Ebay. I have made a set of poles, someone local selling me second hand stuff I modified - will be trying it out soon.
Until the last two years Sue has not done camping but we had three short breaks in the Puck last year - success, even people that do not like camping like Eribas.
I felt obliged to put finger to keyboard because I have just booked the Fforest Wales April meet. The plan is I will turn up on Tuesday 16th with Alex - Claire's partner.  Sue and Claire to turn up on the Wednesday (when all the works done).
Look forward to seeing all those those Eribas in Wales  (and their owners).
All the best

Can someone tell me how to pay Forum subs.
Parent - - By Randa Date 07-03-2013 11:34 Edited 07-03-2013 11:40
Hi Richard and Sue and welcome to the forum. It's great that you will be attending the Wales/West Midlands Meet in April and we are sure there will be a lot of interest in your modifications. Look forward to meeting you all there.(ps. if you turn up on the 16th there will be nobody there as the majority will be there between 11th and 14th April. You probably mean the 9th as per your post on the Meets thread. Thought we had better point it out though :-)&:-)).

Regarding "Subs", it's not a compulsory payment, nor is it an annual donation. I've included the link below that will explain more as well as how to make a contribution:-

Parent - - By marymary (£) Date 07-03-2013 12:26
Hi and welcome from me too!!I had a Puck as my first Eriba but swooped last year for my 1990 Triton just for a bit more room if anyone comes with me, hubby is a fair weather camper! Look forward to meeting you at Fforest Fields!! :)
Parent - By Baggiecamper (£) Date 07-03-2013 14:27
Hi marymary
Thanks for the welcome, will hubby be swooping home if it's raining?
Look forward to meeting you at Fforest Fields.  :-)
Parent - By Baggiecamper (£) Date 07-03-2013 14:26
Hi Roger and Amanda
Thanks for; the welcome, pointing out my date error and the info. on subs.
See you soon
Richard :-)
Parent - - By KeithF (£) Date 07-03-2013 16:57
Hi Richard welcome to the forum ,i bought my Eriba from Dom Fox great guy ,see you at Fforest meet.
Parent - By Baggiecamper (£) Date 07-03-2013 17:53
Thanks for the welcome Keith, see you at Fforest
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