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- - By DogWalkers Date 20-03-2013 21:58
Our first hello to all from Shaun, Niki and Fonzie the Collie ... already been on the road and are hooked ... Bought our Eriba Pan duo finally after looking at Eribas for years, ruminating and having been sidetracked (briefly) by a Dethleffs Campy we've made it.  No comparison!  Eribas win hands down, even in the dark.  Wife and hound finally feels at home in the van.  Happy family, so now I am happy camping too. 

Will follow up with any adventures, good site finds etc.
Bye for now
Parent - By Randa Date 20-03-2013 22:16
Hello Shaun, Niki and Fonzie the Collie. Welcome to the forum. It's really funny how so many people do a lot of humming and hawing about Eribas before finally seeing the light and buying one. We were the same. Looked at them on French roads for years (at that time had never seen one in GB) but didn't jump in at first. Anyway, better late than never eh? Give us South Walians a wave next time you're on the North Devon Coast won't you?
Parent - By Trolltrio (£) Date 22-03-2013 07:15
Welcome to the club! We may pass you on the severn bridge one day when we are going to the S west so if you see a troll give it a wave, it could be us. So many lovley places in the S W I think you may see a few fellow forum members paying your area a visit!
Parent - - By Devonmaid (£) Date 23-03-2013 09:19
Welcome Shaun, Niki and Fonzie. We are from West Devon and also own a Pan Duo (Ronnie). We have only had one night away in him so far but we are off to West Cornwall for 4 nights over Easter - can hardly wait - despite the weather!
Have fun with your adventures and maybe we will see at a SW campsite sometime
Parent - By DogWalkers Date 23-03-2013 15:27
Thanks for such a warm welcome we have been away twice this year  so far to cheddar and carnon down brill don't know why we never got one year's ago still we are there now look foreword to seeing some of you in our travels carnon down next month and tavistock in June sofar planned   
Up Topic General Chat / Welcome - A place to say Hi - Visible Externally! / Hi from north Devon

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