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- - By Morley (£) Date 01-04-2013 09:37
I thought it only right to say hello again as I've been on the forum lately after wee bit of a gap.

We bought our Troll 530 after a tip off on here last year and so far we've not used her as much as we would have liked but things are looking much better in terms of getting away more this year.  Our first outing in her last year was to the meet at Bainland which was very much enjoyed by all the family (mum, dad and two young boys).  We picked up our Eriba from the seller and headed straight to Bainland having never even towed before or even seen the Eriba prior to collecting her.

Last October we went to the Enchanted forest light display near Pitlochry and stayed at Faskally caravan park and even at that time of year she provided a warm comfy long weekend residence.

One of the main reasons I've been on here lately was for some information on towing vehicle recommendations.  We were towing with an early Discovery which did the job very well but at a hefty price and the landy was also starting to show her age.  So this weekend we've gone out and bought a VW Touran Match 1.9, 2009 with only 16K on the clock.

So, so far this forum has helped me get the Eriba and had an influence on our car change, whatever next, perhaps a Ramoska!!

Parent - - By Randa Date 01-04-2013 10:26
Hi Elaine. How nice to hear from you again. How is hubby and the boys? Bet the boys have grown a few inches since last year.
It was really great meeting up with you at Bainland even thought the circumstances for you were a bit sad.
In our opinion you've made a good choice of towing vehicle for your Troll. We elected to go for a Touran after some good advice from Eribamotters and it really enjoys towing our Troll. We've got a  2 litre Match (with all the gizmos) and it's returning some reasonable (but not great) fuel consumption figures both towing and solo. Far better than your old Disco, we bet... :-)
Parent - By Morley (£) Date 01-04-2013 10:47
Hi Randa
Hubby and the boys are doing well thanks and yes they are quite a bit taller, both of them are the tallest in their class and I'm not so not sure how much longer they'll fit in the front bed.

I remembered your set up last year with the Touran and Eriba and we really liked it so feel that we've made the right choice.  We looked for a couple of weeks for Touran's and when we saw this one at weekend with all the gizmos and in fab condition we knew it was the one for us and will get it next weekend.  I think in terms of fuel consumption the Touran will be a joy to us after driving the Discovery (and other LR's for the past 16 years).  The Disco has gone to another home and sold within a couple of hours of me putting up for sale so that was a bonus!

We've love to be able to get to the meet you are organising but it is just a bit too far at this time of year for us to get too but I shall be looking out for some photos :-).
Parent - - By eribaMotters (£) Date 01-04-2013 13:57
nice to see another Touran owner. We have had ours since 2004, a 100/105 bhp 1.9tdi and are very pleased with it. With it being an early model we did have a few warranty jobs, but with 62,000 on the clock[I know it is not many], have had very few bills we needed to pay for. Namely a radiator fan, fan switch relay for in the car, and a couple of rear springs. The later are cheap and from what I gathered a fairly common failure. We must have been driving around for a year or so and had not noticed the failure.
We have towed a Triton, Troll, Camplet trailer-tent and our present Familia. All have given the best tow at about 50/55 kilos. At the 75kilos max I found the front end a bit light.
Fuel consumption is very good, but I am usually fairly light footed and found the published mpg figures achievable and have often bettered them. Your dashboard computer is a little generous in it mpg read but brimming the tank you will still be pleased. I have had 71 and 73 mpg solo at 50/55mph. Towing at 70 through France with a 1300 kilo Troll still saw me into the low 30s, whilst a true 70mph [read off satnav], 4 up and no van sees high 50's low 60's to the gallon.

enjoy - Colin
Parent - - By Morley (£) Date 01-04-2013 17:49
Hi Colin
Yes, we are very much looking forward to getting the Touran at the weekend and it will make a good partner for the Eriba.  I'll pass on your comments to my husband Paul about the 50/55 kilo, we are light travellers so I doubt we've ever got up to the 75 kilos even with the Discovery.  We always find onboard computers more generous with the mpg but so long as it's nearly doubling what we were getting from the automatic Disco (20-28 mpg) we'll be very happy (without a van attached).  I bet the wind was going in the right direction to get 71-73 mpg but good to know it's possible.

Could you let me know what type of towbar you've fitted to your Touran please as that's something I like to do asap and attempt to get away for a few days next week.
Parent - - By eribaMotters (£) Date 01-04-2013 20:06
My bar is a fixed swan-neck Westfalia. You will need a cut out in the bumper.  It has twin 7 pin electrics, but if doing again I would advise the 13 pin. It is so much better.

Parent - By Morley (£) Date 01-04-2013 20:56
Thank you.  I think we have a 7 pin socket coming off the Eriba so I'm guessing we would need to get some sort of adaptor.

Parent - - By bScotland (£) Date 01-04-2013 15:26

Which part of Scotland are you in? We are in Fife!
Parent - - By Morley (£) Date 01-04-2013 17:51 Edited 02-04-2013 09:47
Hi Brian

We are in Aberdeenshire along the coast.  We were down your way on Saturday buying the Touran and took the coast road back and really liked Pittenweem and some of the other villages we passed.  I really like Fife and want to explore it more.

Parent - - By bScotland (£) Date 01-04-2013 20:54
Hi Elaine,
You are in a great part of the Country, wife comes from Boddam, Peterhead and wife's sister is now in Newtonhill! Cousin owns the chipper in Stonehaven - I won't go into whether it is better than the Bervie Chipper or not!
Yes, Fife is wonderfull, but not over endowed with good campsites. A lot of them have moved over to being Chalet Parks that keep the tourers out! There is a good CC site at Balbirnie (Kingdom of Fife) (but 7 miles from home inland is not what we are looking for), which is good for people that want to explore the area, but not for the locals! Sauchope Links at Crail is very good! There is a new site at Anstruther, Silverdyke Park, but we haven't tried it yet! Shell Bay is large and a bit noisy (Bingo on site) and the St Andrews ones are also large or in the Country!!
Enjoy your Troll!!
Parent - - By Morley (£) Date 01-04-2013 21:13
Hi Brian

I think you are in a much better part of the country, so much nearer everything that we seem to want to get to anyway.  Do they own The Bay by any chance as that's the only one we've tried so far (and we are not fans of the BC either).

That's interesting as we did see what we thought was a campsite but as we got closer we saw the 'no tourers' sign. Thanks for the campsite recommendations just what we need as if all goes well including the weather we'd like to go back down your way for a couple of days next week.  We might give the Crail site a try as it looked very pretty around there with plenty to explore with the family.

Parent - - By bScotland (£) Date 02-04-2013 08:54

> Do they own The Bay

No, The Carron, "The home of the World Famous Deep Fried Mars Bar" - What a claim to fame!! Not sure if I want to be associated with that!!!

The Crail Campsite is good as long as it isn't full, when the showers never appear to be clean for long (don't think it is the fault of the site managers). Also the showers can be used by either sex! The village is a nice walk, the chip shop is good but it isn't over endowed with places for a good evening meal! Last time we ended up driving up to Kingsbarns where "The Barn at Kingsbarns" is very good!
Parent - By Morley (£) Date 02-04-2013 09:02
We've been to The Carron too and actually stood beside someone ordering one of those Mars bars. DH was momentarily tempted just out of curiosity but fortunately refrained!!
Parent - - By Redwood Date 01-04-2013 20:37
well, funny you should mention a remoska!, after a recommendation from an eriba owning couple we met in st ives in sept, we got our remoska. we've used it in the house over the winter, and have been very impressed. the way the weather is we may use it more than the BBQ !  we were next to you at bainland, in the "old" eriba. colin and lynn
Parent - By Morley (£) Date 01-04-2013 20:50
Hi Colin, I remember you both and I think you had a car called Woody too.
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