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- - By SteveB Date 08-05-2013 13:03

After covetting Eribas for some years and with the  arrival of retirement Jane and I have   recently made the change from canvas to the "luxury " of a  Puck  (2008). Encouraged by our inaugral "Three Peaks " tour last summer we tackled France , Spain and Portugal last month which only served to confirm that we had made the right choice . We towed with a 1500 diesel Nissan Note and were moderately loaded with bikes etc but continued to be pleasantly surprised with the economy and  ease of towing which certainly contributed to a carefree holiday.

Only downside was high wear rate on the tyres  which were new when we purchased from Automotive Leisure (Poole)  but in the 7000 miles covered since then  both tyres have worn through   to the legal limit on the outside shoulders whilst the inside shoulders are virually unworn. There is no obvious means of adjusting the tracking since we have the rubber cone suspension  system; there is no detectable play in either  bearing  and I am confident the brakes have not been binding . I have since  renewed the tyres with higher  quality "Continental"products as the   worn tyres where cheap and cheerfull, I am also paying more attention to tyre pressures as I think the worn ones were over  inflated by about three PSI  compared with the 33 PSI recommended .

Can anyone suggest  a reason for this wear or is it normal, the price you pay for the pleasure of Eriba ownership?
Parent - By MCINND (£) Date 08-05-2013 13:29
Could be an axle issue and from memory it was a Puck of around 2008 vintage that I think Sandy at Jandi picked up on some years ago.
I think there was a batch of faulty axles put out on vans from the French factory.
Getting a wheel alignment test would at one of the tyre replacement places  like QuiK Fit would be a 1st step.

Parent - By jdep (£) Date 08-05-2013 19:46
do a tyre wear search on the forum, it should bring up more info about this.  There have also been posts about this recently. you will have to find someone with old type optical equipment to measure tracking.  The laser tracking equipment used now by most tyre fitters and garages will not fit onto the puck wheels- it might fit if the mudguards are removed.  I was lucky and found one of the garages in the town had the right gear and they found excessive toe in.  Jandi  from whom I had bought the caravan new in 2005/6 sorted the problem out.  This involved fitting a new axle.

Up Topic General Chat / Welcome - A place to say Hi - Visible Externally! / Hi from West Dorset and any clues about rapid tyre wear?

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