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- - By KayBee Date 09-05-2013 22:14
We're really looking forward to picking up our new Troll 530 from AL this Saturday. Will be trying it out in Dorset for a couple or three nights then off to The Vosges in early June.  Been camping,caravanning ( white box) and trailer tenting for past 20 odd years but love these Eribas and looking forward to some great times in it now we aren't tied to full time work. 
Parent - - By Trolltrio (£) Date 10-05-2013 08:55
Hi Kaybee, welcome to the forum from a fellow Troller! Love North Somerset and visit with our Dolly every year! Where are you planning to stop in Dorset? we always stayed at Binghams for a treat.
Parent - By royaleriba Date 10-05-2013 12:24
We are regulars at Bingham Grange in Dorset, we picked up our Triton 420 at the weekend from AL and went to South Lytchett Manor for the bank holiday weekend.  Before we had a Familia 320 and traded it in for the Triton 420.
Parent - - By KayBee Date 14-05-2013 19:00
Hi. We did 3 nights at CCs Haycraft site near Swanage. Tidy site, not too big. No issues with the Eriba and really pleased with it. Pleased with the Andover from AL.
Planning the French trip now for early June.
Where do you stop in N Somerset?
Parent - - By Trolltrio (£) Date 14-05-2013 19:29
Exe Valley at Bridgetown, just south of Dunster, in fact we hope to get there Whitson Week! We just love Exmoor.
Parent - - By KayBee Date 14-05-2013 20:13
Hi, know it well having stayed there a couple of times. Couldn't agree more with you about Exmoor one of our favourite places and less than an hour and half away. Great walks off site from Exe Valley. Have stayed at Halse Farm as well, up the hill from Winford. Not as good as Exe Valley IMO but a good fall back. CC site in Dulverton also worth a visit. Close to town and walks along River nearby.
Parent - By Trolltrio (£) Date 15-05-2013 06:24
I always try to do the walk over to Winsford from the back of the caravan site (Good excuse to have brunch in the tea rooms!). we keep trying to go from Tarr Steps to Withypool but end up chickening out 1/2 way. May do the Doone Valley walk again if the weather OK (Cloud Farm Tea Room is calling) :)
Up Topic General Chat / Welcome - A place to say Hi - Visible Externally! / Hello from North Somerset

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