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- - By psycho (£) Date 09-06-2013 22:25
Hello all,
Just like to introduce myself, I am Dave, and my wife is Jane, we have 3 children, and we have just purchased a 1996 Puck. We are over the moon with the Puck, and cant wait to use it in a couple of weeks, ( when my shift pattern allows, dam work always gets in the way...)
It is in absolutely immaculate condition, and everything is original. We love touring Cornwall, and are hoping to venture across the pond in the near future, to France.
We are seasoned campers already, and have gone full circle. Tent, camper, bigger camper, huge twin axle caravan, (best thing I ever sold), Teardrop trailer, custom vw trailer, and now a Puck.
I have a VW T4 camper, to tow the puck, or I could tow it with Jane's Touran if we could manage to go camping on our own.(dont worry, not going to leave kids home alone, Ha ha ha)
I look forward to searching the forum and bugging some of you for advice and tips in the future.......

P.S Can I just take this opportunity to personally thank Stuart Bell, for his time and patience in sorting out my email troubles.
Parent - - By BobSheffieldEriba (£) Date 09-06-2013 22:36
Hi Dave & Jane!
Welcome to the world of Pucks.
Parent - - By psycho (£) Date 09-06-2013 22:41
Judging by your username, you are from Sheffield??? Whereabouts??

I am from there originally, been down here since 91.
Parent - By BobSheffieldEriba (£) Date 10-06-2013 05:37
North of Sheffield, Barnsley boarder.
Parent - - By Just Trolling (£) Date 10-06-2013 18:16
Hi and welcome, we are newbies too- Ray, Sue and Finley the pooch.  You are one step ahead of us we won't collect ours till beginning of Aug
Parent - - By psycho (£) Date 11-06-2013 16:54
Hello to you too.! Bet you are looking forward to picking it up?
Parent - By Just Trolling (£) Date 11-06-2013 17:20
Looking forward and a little apprehensive as it will be so close to our holiday, we just hope everything happens when it should and there are no hiccups
Up Topic General Chat / Welcome - A place to say Hi - Visible Externally! / Hello from Sunny Torbay.

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