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- - By ed209 Date 06-09-2018 21:57
Hello everyone I have not yet had a Eriba but am looking at possibly a 430GT or a troll I just need a little information firstly what year did the GT come in and has that now been discontinued and when? next question is what year did the trolls become 210 wide?

My budget is around 10K but could go up to 11.5K if necessary and was hoping to 
get something in the region of 2007/8 for that and a three berth with washroom/WC

I had a chat with Lowdhams guy and he said the GT bit is something they do (Got a bit confused by that statement as I thought the GT bit was a Eriba thing) they have a 430 on there site but is not a GT,
Parent - By bScotland (£) Date 07-09-2018 17:57
I'm not an expert on Eribas but I can answer some of your questions:
Not sure when the Eriba Touring Gt came in so I'm guessing around 2000.
Up till 2009, all Tourings were designated GT.
In 2009 a 'Special Edition' Model the 'Forever Young' was introduced which is 60 mm higher at 2260 mm.
From 2010 onwards, all models are this higher height and GT became an 'optional extra' package. The model you were discussing at Lowdhams is 2013, thus was available with or without the GT package.
According to the 2009 Brochure, the Troll 530GT and the 540GT were both 200 cm wide, but the 550GT and the Pontos 660GT were both 210 cm wide.
We have a 2009 Triton 430GT which suits us perfectly. As you sleep across the van, it is fine if you are 5' 10" tall or less, unless you can have the double bed to yourself and can sleep diagonally.
It has been said that the single bed is only suitable for children, but I have used it when I have been away on my own and is fine for me (5' 10" tall and under 12 stone).
If you have any further questions that can be answered from the 2009 Brochure, please ask.

This is the second time I have posted this but the first one disappeared, not sure why, don't think I said anything that warranted deleting it!

Parent - By eribaMotters (£) Date 07-09-2018 21:27
Basically as Brian has said.
A regards the 210cm width, the 55 series Trolls [550, 552, 554, 555] have I believe always been 210cm in width. When the newer height vans appeared, firstly as "Forever Young" in 2010 and from about 2012 in the new livery of all silver GT or white stucco the 530 and 540 also increased in width from 200cm to 210cm.
If buying a non GT white van then you need to check the specification carefully. I ordered a white van for collection in Feb 2017. Apart from colour it exceeds the standard specification of a GT model so ask lots of questions to ensure you know what to expect if you went to view or buy.

- - By ed209 Date 08-09-2018 08:58
Thank you for the info so far another thing that I have seen crop up is redguard build quality and whether they were built in France or Germany What years did it change and is there any years to be weary of.
Thanks Paul
Parent - - By eribaMotters (£) Date 08-09-2018 09:50
Germany took over production in about 2010. You will recognise the German vans as they are taller at 226cm and no longer sport the white top 1/2 over silver bottom paintwork.
These later vans seem to van two main problems, poor quality timber in the cabinet work resulting in hinges working loose and dodgy touch lights that now seem to have been rectified. More though has gone into them and in other areas they do seem better. Other electrics spring to mind as the French seemed to have a Friday afternoon approach to wiring vans.
The cabinet work on vans built prior to the Germany move are better, but some unlucky folk have experienced damp issues and rusted frameworks.
Earlier vans from 80's and 90's seem to be the best built, although the could be due to owners having sorted everything out over the years.
My 2003 van was probably the best put together, the 2006 Familia had a few gripes easily solved and the 2007 Troll likewise.
If I was venturing into Eriba ownership now i would try and buy a van from around this period with the highest axle rating you can get. Give it a very good going over for rust around the bottom edges and any water stains on the inside wall board around windows and in line with outside waist trim and gutter/awning track . A useful tip as to how the van has been stored is to look at the condition of the outside rubber trim. If clean and bright it implies it has been stored under cover or been cleaned on a regular basis.

Parent - - By ed209 Date 08-09-2018 10:35 Edited 08-09-2018 10:48
Hi Colin that is very useful information but could you please clarify what to go for now I was originally looking at around 2007 430GT not sure if you meant a a 2003 model is a better buy even though its older or something like a 2007 troll
Could you also briefly explain the axle ratings I am assuming it just means the maximum weight it can carry seems strange they are not all the same I would have thought production costs could be kept down with just one option!
Thanks Paul
Parent - By eribaMotters (£) Date 08-09-2018 12:19
Paul, any van in the mid 2000's, Triton or Troll should be built to a similar standard, so keep an open mind.
Axle ratings varied depending upon the dealer you bought from and what the original buyer requested. [vans of a Continental origin may have even lower ratings due to different driving licence structure]. 1000kg and 1200kg where common on both Triton and Trolls over this period, although most UK owners went for the 1200kg option. A Troll with a 1000kg axle would not give you much of a payload. An easy way to check is look at how many wheel studs the van has. 4 generally means 1000kg whilst 5 means 1200kg.

Parent - - By bScotland (£) Date 08-09-2018 18:53 Edited 08-09-2018 19:04

> You will recognise the German vans as they are taller at 226cm

Not entirely correct as the Forever Young vans and the early 2010 vans were made in France.
At the price range the OP is looking at, he is unlikely to get a higher Eriba!
The cabinet work on the German vans must be bad, as I have had lots of problems with my French built Eriba, but now, you would never know after I've put the work into it. I know where the problems have been but no-one else would!

Re. Standard and uprated axles (true in 2009) - The Familia standard was 900 kg with an option of uprating to 1000kg (I think).
The Triton Standard axle was 1000kg with uprating available to 1200 kg.
The Troll 530GT and 540GT Standard axle was 1200kg
The Troll 550GT Standard axle was 1200kg with uprated option being 1300kg
Parent - By Jimny (£) Date 08-09-2018 20:59
Some extra details to fill in the blanks, post 2012 seems to be the German era, 2011 was the missing transition year from France to Germany. I had a 2012 Familia and all previous Eribas were French. My Eriba was grey below  the waistline and white above....:grin:
- - By Zikzik Date 22-09-2018 19:34 Edited 22-09-2018 20:04
So what year did they start building in France? They must have started in Germany as it was Hymer’s first caravan related product.
Parent - - By bScotland (£) Date 22-09-2018 21:11

> So what year did they start building in France?

From this website:

Hymer France SA was set up in 1970 at Thann in Alsace and moved two years later to a newly-build factory in nearby Cernay, where it remains today.(Sic.) With a large part of the caravan manufacture transferred across the border, it was time to expand once again into the motorhome business.

Hope that helps and that it is accurate!
Parent - - By Deeps Date 23-09-2018 10:59
Didn't I read somewhere recently that Hymer have now been taken over by Thor Industries Inc, the owners of the Airstream?
Parent - By Zikzik Date 23-09-2018 14:12
Yes. Thor paid £2.1bn for the whole (100%) Edwin Hymer group. Not sure when but recently.
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