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- - By ed209 Date 11-09-2018 19:00
Still looking for a Troll or Triton but now just wondering bed configuration, across, long, fixed. So looking for opinions on what your ideal option would be out of the choice available, .I am about 5'9' so average height wife about 5'5' we are both in our mid 50s and average weight. I would say she is a little claustrophobic so although she would probably sleep at the back on a across configuration she would prefer the outside but I get up quite a lot in the night (approx three times, nothing medical I just do)

We definitely want the permanent table dining set up and a washroom our budget has gone up a bit to 12K, possibly a  bit more for the right one.

We also have two dogs that would come away with us but they are no problem sleep anywhere.

Parent - - By eribaMotters (£) Date 11-09-2018 19:15
We are 57 and 58. I'm 5' 8" and my lovely wife a bit shorter. Our Triton is a 430 in which we sleep across.
The critical height seems to be 5' 10" for sleeping across in a 2.0m van so you should be fine.
Having said that we previously had a wide bodied Troll and sleeping across in the longer bed was very nice. Mrs eribaMotters who sleeps across the back found the extra space most welcome.
We like sleeping across as it means you can sit up in bed without having your head against the rear window. It also means you can have a front seating area if in a Triton and if in a Troll then it is bigger.

Parent - By Formula1 Date 11-09-2018 22:00
We have a 540gt Troll, we are 5’7 and 5’1”. The front bed is enormous, we choose to sleep front to back to save climbing over each otherin the middle of the night. We also have a dog who curls up under the bed out of the way and the front dinette is ideal for us both to sit at.
- - By Ray Lawrence Date 21-09-2018 16:52
I'm 6ft and have no trouble sleeping across my Triton 430GT.  Only hassle is getting out for a night time wee.  I don't require that so I sleep at the end and my dear wife sleeps inside and gets out a couple of times.
No problems at all.   Generally I sleep better in my Triton that I do in my very expensive bed at home !
Parent - - By bScotland (£) Date 21-09-2018 21:18

> Generally I sleep better in my Triton that I do in my very expensive bed at home !

So do we. We have wondered if it is because there is a ventilator directly above the bed? Any other ideas why?
Parent - - By eribaMotters (£) Date 21-09-2018 21:33
Sleeping in a confined space is cossy compared to a normal bedroom. I also find the bed to be very comfortable as it is a mattress topper over a srung mattress on slats, but you are  on holiday, relaxed and you do not need to get up early.

Parent - By bScotland (£) Date 22-09-2018 21:18
We don't have a sprung mattress or slats, but we are on holiday, but then again I'm always on holiday! Also get up at similar time to as home! Different for Mrs bScotland, she's less likely to get a phone call from her 92 year old mother asking to be taken to the Dr, or 'I've lost my disabled badge, Do you have it?' I only say less likely as she'll still phone us if we're not far away (i.e. still in Scotland) or there is no one else available - Taxi never enters her head!!
Anyway we still sleep better,
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