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- - By S J Smith Date 28-01-2019 21:29
Good evening
We have just bought and are awaiting a new Eriba Troll Touring 540 GT. We have two bikes to transport and want to do this on the rear of the caravan. Has anyone experience of towing an Eriba of similar size with bikes on the back. We know all the for and against arguments and points, what we would like is someone who has done it to comment. We have towed a Swift Eccles 510 (fitted with pre fixed bars to meet the European demand) without bikes but the Eriba is for touring on short stops in Europe - we see rear carried bikes all the time over there.
S and A
(PS - New to using a forum of any type so apologies for any thing that is wrong!)
Parent - - By eribaMotters (£) Date 28-01-2019 22:35
Welcome S & A. We have travelled with bikes on the back of out 4 Eribas, 2 x Tritons, 1 Troll and 1 Famila. If you use the search facility you will find lots of useful info, but to summarise.
Eriba no longer advise this set-up, but if you stick to 2 bikes and watch the noseweight you should have no problems. I have fitted 3 of the carriers and would always advise bolting them through the steel framework for you top fixing and a spreader on the inside of the van wallboard with spacer tubes through the insulted body for the bottom fixing. Fiamma and Omni make various carriers that will fit, but you have to be a little creative, practical, methodical and very accurate in the fitting. If you can manage this you are onto a winner.
The last rear carrier I fitted was using an adapted Trigano motorhome carrier. I decided on this as it meant I could bolt through the waist-line instead of over the rear window. This keeps the weight lower and still allows the window to be opened. I made a jig up so that I got the drilling angle correct.
I also cut a piece of 10mm steel plate and mounted this and a towball on the jockey wheel mounts allowing me to use a Thule towball mounted carrier as an alternative if I wish.

Please feel free to PM if you have any questions

Parent - By Steamerpoint Forum Admin & IT Support (£) Date 22-05-2020 22:36
Clever idea the towball on jockey wheel post Colin. :wink:
Parent - - By mike47 (£) Date 12-06-2020 15:17
You may have resolved your bike carrying issue by now. If not I've just been researching bike carrying on Eribas as we have 2 e-bikes and thinking of upgrading from a smaller Eriba. I was pleased to see that  Eriba website now lists a towbar mounted 2 bike carrier (50kg capacity) as an option including the Troll 540. Doesn't say if available in UK or if has to be ordered with new van. I've queried this with Automotive Leisure in Bournemouth, our nearest dealer, but no reply yet. The Troll has a 100kg nose weight limit so should cope easily, so then just depends on the towbar limit.
Parent - By bScotland (£) Date 13-06-2020 16:32

> The Troll has a 100kg nose weight limit so should cope easily, so then just depends on the towbar limit.

Yes, it will depend on the towball limit. I don't know what model of Subaru Forester you run, but a quick check revealed that one model has an 80 kg limit. To be sure, you would need to check the actual towball load of the loaded Troll both with the bikes attached and also without the bikes unless you will never tow without the bikes. This may be difficult to do before you buy. Owners of Troll 540's will be in a better position to comment, but I run a Triton 430 with a similar layout. When I purchased and towed it empty, a bumpy road induced pitch (up and down movement which didn't appear to affect stability, but was uncomfortable). I quickly learnt that I needed to increase the towball load to over 50 kg (I normally run with around 60kg). As my car and Eriba both have limits of 75kg, it is fairly easy to load correctly and safely. What you are proposing may result in quite a challenge to achieve within the car and Eriba's limits, especially if you sometimes tow without the bikes. Eribas do tow very well but there are limits and there have been a few nasty accidents (especially when carrying bikes!)
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