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- - By Formula1 Date 01-04-2019 18:23
Does any member have one of these? I am contemplating the one advertised by Dom Fox on Ebay.
It looks a good layout apart from no “shower” , is the front dinette a small double or large single.
Would be grateful for any comments for or against.
Parent - - By solebay (£) Date 01-04-2019 19:18
Personally, I think the 554 has a bit of an oddball layout.  Some might love it, and I doubt anyone will say they have one and hate it.  The cut-off double bed would be hopeless for us, as we are both tall, and one of us would have our legs dangling off the side. 

The question is:  would it suit you?  Depends what you want and you wouldn't have posted if you didn't think you might like it.  Only way to decide that is to go and have a good, long, look at it and figure out how you would live with it.  Lie down on the bed.  Try out the rather cramped looking toilet cubicle...  Horses for courses.  Good luck!
Parent - By eribaMotters (£) Date 01-04-2019 19:46
As above,
it's down to the bed. If it's OK then you have the advantage of a very nice dining/lounge area at the other end and potentially a good van.

Parent - By Formula1 Date 01-04-2019 21:52
The bed maybe an issue although we are not tall people and. We have had this type of double bed in a white box caravan some years ago.
We quite like the layout and as Colin says the seating area would very nice as opposed to the dinette in our 540.: I’m still hoping the previous owner maybe on the forum and give their views on the subject..
- - By davebakerpurton (£) Date 01-04-2019 21:36
No outside table rail?
         Dave B
Parent - - By eribaMotters (£) Date 02-04-2019 07:25
You couldn't fit one either due to the door hinge side.

Parent - - By Formula1 Date 06-04-2019 15:15 Edited 06-04-2019 15:17
Well , decided against it. We just felt it would be a step backwards to have water containers under the sinks and no “shower”.and smaller bed.
Any views regarding the whitening of a discoloured shower tray and converting the toilet to an electric pump. My other half would then be very happy?
Parent - - By eribaMotters (£) Date 06-04-2019 15:37
I don't imagine you could convert the loo to electric flush, you'd need to buy a complete new unit. Advantage of this would be as the bathroom has been mostly pulled out you could replace the tray.
Any reason you lovely better 1/2 wants an electric flush, I'd prefer the twist it type you have as less to go wrong.

Parent - - By Formula1 Date 06-04-2019 17:34
She only has small hands and finds it difficult to turn the flush because of its size. ( flush mechanism)
Parent - - By eribaMotters (£) Date 06-04-2019 18:43
Just a thought. I have small hands and do a lot of woodwork. When machining timber I use gloves with a rubber palm and the increase in grip is very noticeable. How about cutting what amounts to a large rubber band from something like an innertube and slipping this over the turn wheel of the flush to aid grip.

Parent - By Formula1 Date 06-04-2019 22:19
Good idea I will try that
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