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- - By Bond Date 14-09-2019 07:15
Hello, I've just bought my first erriba puck and after years of camping I just love it! Planning to tow behind our campervan, or take away for weekends if just me and the kids.  She's 1993 and in excellent condition, so after a long trek to England and back from northern Ireland she's finally here.  Looking forward to exploring the forum.
Parent - By Jimny (£) Date 14-09-2019 14:30
Welcome to the Eriba family!....:grin:
Parent - By BobSheffieldEriba (£) Date 18-09-2019 15:08
Hi there.
We have had our Puck 7 years now so any questions and we should be able to help.
- - By Bond Date 21-03-2020 18:40
Thanks for the warm welcome, sorry for such a late reply, our wee puck is ready for a lovely time caravaning this year - or so we thought until Corona but, but intend to do some sleepovers in the garden with the kids ????  getting space to keep her in our garden, as soon as that's fine I will post pics.
Parent - - By grafo (£) Date 21-03-2020 19:48
I’ve just been thinking of Eribaing on the drive as a way to break the monotony of self isolating. We can hook up, load the van and use the garden as a camp site. May use the facilities indoors! Is this a good idea or has madness set in sooner than I feared?
Parent - By Steamerpoint Forum Admin & IT Support (£) Date 21-03-2020 23:34 Edited 22-03-2020 00:41
Why not Julie. Might as well get some enjoyment from it. :wink:

My parents have sold their house may need to chain break the end of the month to allow their sale to go through and then live with us for up to 6-weeks before they complete on the next house. Given that we are self isolating due to my many underlying health conditions, one suggestion was to use the caravan as a quarantine pod for 7-days. We just need to pull the cover off, plug in some lecky, make up the beds and fill the fridge. One use for it!

Problem is, they might enjoy the experience too much and prefer the caravan to the house! :grin:
Up Topic General Chat / Welcome - A place to say Hi - Visible Externally! / New owner - just got my little puck!

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