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- - By Willow721 Date 06-12-2019 20:30
ordered a our first ever and new Eriba 530 GT with many trimings last week but just had it confirmed it will not be with us until May!!!!! next year.

Just have to wait... a long time to stay excited.

We live in Nottingham but I think it must be being built on Mars
Parent - - By eribaMotters (£) Date 06-12-2019 20:44
Congratulations. I'm guessing you may have ordered from Lowdhams. We waited 8 months for our Trtion from them so 5 months is not that bad. Ask about a service contract as they do a good deal. We are paying about £240 a year for 5 years which initially sounds like nothing special, but this includes the Hymer water ingress test so undercuts other dealers by £100/150 a year.
If you are after an awning then Dean in the awning department is worth talking to. We had one of the first Kampa Pop-Air and it was not good experience. Kampa have now corrected there errors and it is now a very nice piece of kit. The matching awning carpet/groundsheet is excellent, but DO NOT get the Kampa gutter strip or tie-down/storm straps.

Parent - - By Willow721 Date 06-12-2019 21:15
thanks for the info colin

we chose a isabella carbon pole over an air awning as we had a bad experience with air awning on our motor home, we have returned to caravanning as we miss it so much, motor homing is not what it cracked up to be.
Parent - - By eribaMotters (£) Date 06-12-2019 21:47
As an ex caravaner I imagine you are aware of the excellent Isabella Shadow and Fiamma Caravanstore. After owning Eriba's since 2003 we have now got it the habit of carrying a Shadow for short sunny stays and first/last night, whilst permanently running with a Fiamma on the other side of the van. This is excellent for shading the van, offering a dry place in rain for bikes/clothes airer, or a dry space when rain hinders setting up/packing away. A Suuncamp Swift was a new addition a couple of years ago and works well for short stays when the weather is not good, weighing only a few kg and quick to errect/take down.

Parent - - By 430gt Date 14-12-2019 16:34
For our 430GT we also bought a full Isabella/Eriba awning but since 2002 have only used it twice in 17 years.

Like you we had Isabella Shadow Sun Canopy which was great.

I then got AR Awnings to make us our own design fuller version which is the best of both worlds.
Parent - - By eribaMotters (£) Date 14-12-2019 17:04
That does look nice Nick. On the Caravan Canopy Shop website they show something very similar for Eriba canopies.
When I enquired I was told the product was called a Wigo Touring and only made for a couple of years.

Parent - By 430gt Date 14-12-2019 17:38
Well when I first designed this "simple" sun canopy with sides the sides were zip detachable and optional clear windows.  Needless to say the price went sky high for what we wanted to achieve.

So this design is in effect just a long single material run, with appropriate pole and tie hole wrings, etc.  As for the detachable sides then you just unhook the rubber anchors and roll the side(s) up and chuck it on-top. 

The only criticism factor for some would be the centre "drop down" to allow water to run off and away from the caravan.  My wife is 5'1" so the drop does not cause here an issue.  I'm 5'10" so have to duck a little.  Either that or keep the door side completely free but as you can see in the picture this is a handy location for the rubbish and extras box(es).
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