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- - By Artistchic Date 01-05-2020 15:30
Greetings!  I'm excited to be here. I've been lurking for a few years but decided to say hello. Hello!

I've had my 1970 (I think it's the correct year) for a bit but am just getting to work on her.  She is about 100% original.

Not sure I want to alter much of her but I would like my creature comforts like AC, electronics, solar, Dutch Oven cooking, etc.

I used to design and build homes, do a bit of renovation with my own hands-I enjoy projects and will dive in to tackle most anything. 

Currently, I design apps but thrive on painting, mostly landscapes.  I am a plein aire artist and will enjoy the Puck whilst painting onsite.

My experience includes working on a tiny fiberglass camper as well as electric golf carts and sailboats.  As I said, I'm up for most projects!

It's been a true pleasure reading your posts and look forward to getting to know you.

Cheers! ArtistChic
Parent - - By Florence Date 01-05-2020 20:50
Hi there , I’d be interested to see how you manage to add a cost effective ac system !
Parent - - By Artistchic Date 02-05-2020 13:52
Hello, Florence

I'm looking at a small window air conditioner with shore power and perhaps a power pack with a solar feed. 

In my little fiberglass camper which is located in Wyoming, it works well as there is a space to vent it out easily via a closet.

The Puck, located in the desert SW, US, (my winter home) has a fairly large vent in the door.  I am wondering if I can use that location to vent a small portable window unit.   I usually just use AC at night and could tuck AC unit out of the way.
There are free-standing units that would work in the closet (left of stove, facing front).  They are really a swamp cooler, though, and adding humidity is alright in desert areas but not in humid areas like the UK or much of the US.

I really like to get off grid so the power pack is crucial.  What year is your Puck?  Have you gone out yet?  That Maiden Voyage is so exciting!

Our campgrounds charge a flat fee which includes shore power.  That's changing with the huge motorhomes eating up so much juice.  Metering seems inevitable.  Is your use metered?
Parent - - By Banyulsman (£) Date 09-05-2020 13:34
I have only just found this item. To be honest I don't visit the site very often. You have an increasingly rare antique. Where did you get it?

Both my sons live on the West Coast. One in San Francisco the other on Vancouver Island so I am not totally unfamiliar with your neck of the woods. I visit regularly and must admit that I have only ever seen one European caravan. That was a Sprite Alpine in the Queen Charlotte Islands. On the other hand in France, where I live, imported second hand Airstreams are converted into novelty food trucks and quite common.

Do you tow the Puck or is it permanently located on site?

Enjoy the hummingbirds. We don't have them in Europeand and I must admit I find them endlessly fascinating
Parent - - By Banyulsman (£) Date 09-05-2020 16:15
Forgot to answer your question. I've never come across a site with a metered electricity supply in Europe but some sites have two levels.
Parent - By bScotland (£) Date 09-05-2020 20:40

>I've never come across a site with a metered electricity supply in Europe

We have. One near Arisaig in Scotland where you had to purchase a card for your electricity and one in Germany near Uberlingen on Lake Bodensee where they read the meter when you arrived and also as you left and charged you for what you had used.
Parent - By eribaMotters (£) Date 09-05-2020 20:50
When planning for our May/June 2020 trip I noticed metered electricity cropping up on several sites in southern Germany. In cold weather/winter camping it appears to be a not uncommon situation.

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