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- - By plod1 (£) Date 05-07-2020 09:36
Hello (again) from Hampshire.
Its been 9 years but we have returned to the fold.
Joined the forum in 2006 when we bought our new 530 from Mark at Lechlade, that was after owning conventional caravans for some 25 years.
We had the 530 until 2011 when the wife decided she wanted to return to a larger caravan so Automotive Leisure took the 530 away and we bought a Bailey followed by another.
A change of thinking (wife doesn't fancy towing a big white box) brought us to Automotive Leisure where be bought our 2015 Troll 530.
I like the improvements from the old 530, higher roof line and more knee room in the bathroom. Also this one has a few mod cons over the previous one, external water, gas and electric heater plus a water heater. Looking forward to our first trip away.
Parent - By 430gt Date 05-07-2020 11:49
Welcome back .......

We are in Hampshire as well (Hedge End) and still with our 2002 Triton 430GT :grin:
Parent - By Jimny (£) Date 05-07-2020 14:36
Great to have you back in the Eriba community...:lol:
Parent - By MurrayM Date 15-07-2020 19:18
Hi, we're Eriba people based in Hambledon, Hants - also with a 530 (bought from AL) and RAV4 (hybrid). Currently in West Wales watching the sun go down in a glorious evening. Enjoying the full Unico Bologna awning and porch extension. Further pleased by giving the awning a Fabsil weather proof treatment that has much reduced the wicking of the keder strip - down to virtually nothing (under rigorous weather testing). Hooray!
Big white box owner on site admitted Eriba envy, exacerbated by the sweeping Unico awning. Feeling a bit smug about the small footprint and stylish presence we Eriba people deploy on the planet!
Shout out to Llainfran CL near New Quay: just the best, though sorry we are not allowed by local rules to use their new utility block that is looking great.
Good to be out and about in the van after these long months of lockdown. More sun would be appreciated!
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