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- - By firebobby Date 16-07-2020 16:51
Hi, we have been left a Touring GT, not sure of the exact model though ? It is a 3 berth from around 2007, and has lived under a cover for a long time. This has protected it but it has a white powdery  mold on the interior wood.It wipes off easy though.
The van needs a good clean and service.
We have a larger 4 berth Lunar caravan at the moment, but will sell that to keep the Eriba, really love the looks.
Parent - - By firebobby Date 18-07-2020 22:23
Wow, quiet on here?
I'm only plenty of forums and we always welcome newbies in
Parent - - By eribaMotters (£) Date 19-07-2020 07:37
Don't worry, everybody is probably away. A belated welcome to you. I suppose you know that it's a good idea to use a spot of bleach in the water when you give the inside a wipe down.

Parent - By firebobby Date 19-07-2020 09:53
Hello Colin, sorry didn't think about the holiday period:confused:
I have been cleaning the wood with a light solution of white vinegar and water, the white power is cleaning of lovely.
Thanks for the welcome, John
Parent - By Jimny (£) Date 20-07-2020 12:51
Welcome! I have just got back from my hols :grin:
Parent - By solebay (£) Date 21-07-2020 17:46
Another belated welcome - I've been away too.  This forum is a bit quiet these days - it was never designed for smart phones and the vast majority of people now prefer the Facebook platform.  Horses for courses - most Facebook posts are no longer than one sentence, whilst you'll find more extensive discussions on here!

If you can give us a bit more detail about your Eriba, or some photos, we can surely identify it for you.
Parent - - By firebobby Date 24-07-2020 22:39
Thanks for the welcome, how do I attach photos
Parent - By solebay (£) Date 25-07-2020 09:46
It's a bit confusing, because you first have to 'post' your comment without attaching a photo, then click on the 'attach' button below your text.  That opens up the ability to select a file, embed it with the text if you wish, and then upload it.  That's the way I've always done it, anyway.  I think there's a limit on file size, but I can't remember what it is....
Parent - By Steamerpoint Forum Admin & IT Support (£) Date 25-07-2020 16:21
The fibreglass roof will eventually go white and powdery.

They just need a good coat of wax and they are good again. :wink:
Parent - - By bScotland (£) Date 26-07-2020 10:31
From the photograph it looks very like my 2009 Triton 430GT. We've had ours for 10 years now and we love it. The 3 berth is very versatile.
Enjoy, Brian
Parent - By bScotland (£) Date 26-07-2020 19:20
OK I stand corrected, it's a Troll!!
- - By firebobby Date 25-07-2020 19:40
I have managed to attach a photo
Parent - By eribaMotters (£) Date 26-07-2020 10:41
Looks like a Troll judging by the distance between the two side windows. The rear light cluster design came in about 2007 whilst the louvres in your door were fitted up to about 2006, so your date is about right.

Parent - By solebay (£) Date 26-07-2020 16:40
Yes, it's a Troll judging by the length.  If you wanted to know which model, they basically differ by interior layout.
- - By firebobby Date 28-07-2020 21:55
Oh thanks for the info, we have a Troll then, The layout is two long seats/beds at the rear and a pair of seats at the front with a table. Looks like it could be a bed too. Opposite the door is the washroom/toilet, then a wardrobe.
I have cleaned the white powder off the interior wood work now and it's polished up lovely.
There is a brown leak mark on the interior panel just in front of the door or the left side of the door when you look at it from inside.
Would this be coming from the roof channel ?
can I get new material for this water damaged area, or can it be cleaned up.
Trying to get her ready for a possible 1st trip in wife has bought some bunting for it :lol:
Parent - - By markeriba (£) Date 28-07-2020 22:15
From your description, sounds like it’s a Troll 540.
I think this is currently the most popular Troll model, but fashions change.
Where are you going on your first trip?

Cheers  Mark
Parent - - By firebobby Date 29-07-2020 21:34
Thanks Mark, how do you tell the age of Eriba's.
We live in South Bucks, so probably a local trip to either Bladon chains Oxford or Burford.
Need to sort a few things out though.
Parent - By bScotland (£) Date 30-07-2020 20:44

>How do you tell the age of Eribas

Not sure what exactly you want to know about age or history. Up until 2010 they were made in Colmar, France, but in 2011, production was moved to Bad Walsee in Germany. Your shape were made until 2009, but with the Forever Young version made in 2009, they raised the height by around 60 mm and a shallower roof. This shape has continued till the present with some limited edition models coming and going. Production of the iconic Puck ceased in 2010. Other than that layouts and colour schemes have changed and of course older ones get sprayed to match owners outfits if retro is your thing!! According to my local dealer, Jandi, it is Trolls with fixed beds and all the bells and whistles that are most popular nowadays. Yes, the front diner also makes a bed in the 430 & 540 which is tight but comfortable, Brian
Parent - - By bScotland (£) Date 30-07-2020 20:16

>There is a brown leak Mark

Yes, this would appear to be coming from the roof channel. Unless you know it has been fixed I think that you need to get this off and seal it both inside and out and check that there is no other damage. You should be able to get a replacement panel which as it's similar to my 430 it will be approx 720 mm x 1050 mm, so a manageable size. A dealer should be able to get a piece. Try your nearest Dealer and Jandi. Exact colour may be a problem. Whether you want to tackle this yourself is really dependant on your DIY skills. Whether it can be cleaned or not I wouldn't know,
All the best, Brian
Parent - By firebobby Date 02-08-2020 21:17
Thanks Brian, how does the channel come off, is it screwed on ? I'm surprised that these caravans leak, looking at the design, they look so solid.
so I should be able to get a complete interior trim panel then, that would be good.
Regards, John
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