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- - By Eribawig Date 14-08-2020 12:13

I have my towbar installation tomorrow and intend to buy an Eriba with a washroom. However, I have yet to actually look at one and would very much like to before I buy one 4 hours or so away. I think I would need at least a Triton with double seating (430), but a Troll with similar layout would also suit I think. Two teenagers, a dog and me will be the primary users and towing with a 1.4tsi Octavia. I really am against towing a standard height caravan as intend to do a lot of touring about rather than staying at one site for weeks. The Eriba purchase is an improvement on camping for me and the kids.

So if anyone near to Penarth or Culverhouse currently has an Eriba and would not mind me taking a peek it would be fab. Also, I am interested in what owners with children and Eribas have to say.

Lastly, I am struggling to find any Eriba near to me for sale. I would like something from years 1999 to 2010 due to the prices

Hello again and thanks for all help.
Parent - - By eribaMotters (£) Date 14-08-2020 12:42
A Triton with your 1.4 Octavia would be good. I have the 1.5 version of your engine with same 150bhp output in my Audi A3 and I'm pleased with how it tows my 1200kg Triton.
A Troll should also be within limits as it would be no more than 1200kg. With two teenagers and related gear I really would advise you stick out for a 1200kg van be it a Triton or a Troll.
General adivice, ask for 13 pin electrics and a vehicle specific wiring harness. Also check that it will supply power for fridge and battery charging as these are usually an extra.
Having to travel miles to view/buy is unfortunately fairly normal. When living in Essex I drove to Berkshire for 1st Eriba, Belgium for 2nd, Leicester for 3rd and Nottingham for 4th.

Parent - - By Eribawig Date 14-08-2020 13:55
Thanks for the feedback Colin. Good to know my car will tow OK as was slightly nervous. I am having 30 pin vehicle specific wiring and hope it will all be good. I accept will probably need to travel to buy but I am happier to do this when I can tow it back. I will continue to check tha various classifieds for them.

Parent - - By solebay (£) Date 14-08-2020 14:35

Keep a watch on the For Sale board on this forum and the "other" forum and its Facebook page.  I'm not allowed to mention them by name on here, I think.  I guess I would look at the dealers too, but prices there will be higher than private sales, of course.

Be especially careful with ebay, as there have been repeated scams attempting to sell non-existent Eribas based on photos lifted from other sites.  Watch out for prices that are too good to be true!
Parent - By Eribawig Date 14-08-2020 19:44
Hi, I joined the Facebook groups and have seen a few for sale there now. Thanks for the advice
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