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- - By Ralstonm Date 15-08-2020 21:34
Now a proud owner of a Puck which I was told was. 1986 model.
How can I discover the correct awning to purchase ?
Parent - - By eribaMotters (£) Date 15-08-2020 21:58
Welcome. Your best bet on a used awning is probably a Soplair. These were commonly supplied with vans of this age. Try and you will see one up for £245.

Parent - - By Ralstonm Date 16-08-2020 06:52
Thanks Colin
Do you know if other awnings for Eriba would fit?
There is one for a triton on e bay
Parent - - By eribaMotters (£) Date 16-08-2020 08:11 Edited 16-08-2020 08:56
If you are looking for a traditional pitched roof frame style awning then Soplair, Clairval and Van-der-horn have all supplied this design and you should be able to pick up a nice used example for £200-£300. I think one or two other obscure imports form mainland europe have also made it over here on 2nd hand vans. Walker and isabella still make something this shape and new they are about £1200-31700, I do not know if they do a model for the Puck. Fortex and Unico make very attractive barrel shaped awnings that new are up to £1800 but second hand about £500.
All these manufacturers made awnings specifically designed for the Eriba. They are not a generic awning that fits lots of dffderent vans so there are less out there for sale.

If you want a blow up awning then the I would look for a Kampa Pop-Air 260. Clairval have also been selling a version for about a year but again I don't know if they make a model for the Puck.
If you want something that fits then you realy must buy a model specific awning. 
The only other option you have is to buy a low campervan drive away awning. This usually has doors on the sides and a tunnel at the awning rail end. Some owners like these but most have problems with water pooling on the tunnel section.


Edited as I've just read the comment below. Well spotted that man.
Parent - By Conal (£) Date 16-08-2020 08:52
“If the advertisement says fits a Triton, either 410, 418, 420, 430 then it will fit. The only exception is if it has been designed for a post 2010 van and then it will be to high. A lot less of these come onto the market.”

Doesn’t the OP say that he has a Puck?
Parent - By Ralstonm Date 16-08-2020 19:28
Thank you
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