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- - By sailbrowner Date 17-06-2021 07:22
Hello Eriba forum,

Ive recently joined and am looking to buy my first Eriba on my return to the Uk this summer.

Ive been learning as much as possible through the internet about the Eriba range and lifestyles that come with it and am completely sold with thee idea.
After being away from the Uk for a year due to restrictions I plan to tour the Uk to see friends and family and a spot of fly fishing.

Now to get to the point: (sorry) Is head room.. I want to buy a small pop top caravan so I can store it in my garage, I also love the look of the eribas

I understand the eribas have pop tops, but ive never actually stepped foot in one before, so I wanted to know if its comfortable to live in and cook if you are tall.?

im 6ft 3, so not a giant. However I realized I could spend a lot of money and be uncomfortable. Can you advise on the best model to suit taller people pls? I really would like to have the smaller Eriba versions.

Thanks in advance for any advice, help, infomation etc..
Parent - - By eribaMotters (£) Date 17-06-2021 08:09 Edited 17-06-2021 08:12
Before getting excited, you say you want to garage store your van. A standard garage door opening is not tall enough. New vans are 226cm high and most pre 2010 vans are 218cm high.
If you look at the website, you can download brochures to check on bed sizes and internal heights.
If considering new then UK stock is VERY low with most dealers only having a couple of vans in stock. New vans to order typically take 6 months for a factory order, but I believe the factory are processing no new orders until 2022.

Parent - - By sailbrowner Date 17-06-2021 10:15
HI Colin,
Thankyou for the reply, Yes I understand the height requirement for my Garage door, I wasnt clear in my question but it is actually a roller shutter and is high enough to accommodate 2.3m so storage should be OK, I guess im wondering if I can store myself in an Eriba without to much trauma and discomfort.
Parent - - By Formula1 Date 17-06-2021 15:58
Stu,  in my eyes your a giant! ????????
Parent - By sailbrowner Date 19-06-2021 07:29
Thanks Alan. I think!
Parent - - By solebay (£) Date 17-06-2021 19:48 Edited 17-06-2021 20:01
Can you not take yourself along to an Eriba dealer and see how one or other models feels to you?  Other than that, I don't see how anyone can really answer this question for you.

But I would guess there are 6-footers+ who own an Eriba.  I'm about 5'11" - I can't stand up with the roof down and have to walk around like Quasimodo.   But fine with the roof up.  You've probably already found that the headroom with roof up is 6'4" or slightly more.

It will depend too on whether you were thinking of buying a new Eriba, or a pre-owned one.  The diminutive Puck is now discontinued but still popular on the used market.  We looked at one in a showroom many years ago and immediately discounted it on headroom alone.  I guess you will steer towards the 5 Series, aka Trolls.
Parent - - By sailbrowner Date 19-06-2021 07:28
thanks for your response.
I am currently working overseas and don't have the option to visit a Eriba dealer until I return to UK, hence my question on this forum.
I simply want to know how tall people manage with day to day lifestyles with an Eriba.
I have been interested in thee old pucks and I understand very limited headroom with top down but when the top is popped so to speak Can a 6ft3 function inside normally ie cooking, changing etc? And is the awning height an issue to walk underneath without crouching?
Parent - - By phil Date 19-06-2021 09:02
Husband is 6f2 and has no problems once roof is up now.  When we first had the van he'd forget that the roof is lower at the back of the van where the main seating area is and stand up, banging his head hard in the process (it's known as an "Eriba kiss".  Fortunately the underside of the roof is padded in this area so no damage done to husband or van.
He was originally concerned that he wouldn't sleep well as the width of the van is less than his body height. He lay on the bed with his head pressed on one wall and his feet pressed on the other - I had to point out that you don't tend to sleep in that position!
The only other areas where height can be problematic is in the toilet area (but most small vans don't have one).  If you do have one just don't spend long in there.  The other squeeze point is the door - again just take care and there won't be a problem.
Parent - By jefL Date 19-06-2021 13:51
All you need to remember is......


Parent - By sailbrowner Date 22-06-2021 04:00
HAha thank you so much for the response. I did chuckle. Great insight though into Eriba living.
Parent - By Jimny (£) Date 28-06-2021 21:22
A lot of tall Dutch folk have Eribas, I remember one couple I met the Gentleman could look through the fly screen in the poptop..:grin:

Eriba model wise most sleep across the width of the van which will have you sleeping in the fetal position, there are a some models that sleep along the length which will be more suited to your size such as the Triton 420.
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