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- - By Nina Date 05-08-2021 11:45
Hi Nina here

I bought a 1999(?) Puck about 5 years ago. It had 2 plastic gas boxes on the outside, plus a roof rack and some long home-made plastic boxes (made of uPVC cladding) on the roof to hold awning poles.
Inside it had been taken apart completely and a steel frame put in to hold the seats sideways like a sofa (which put holes in the internal wall). None of the original cupboards were inside, just the odd bit of good-quality ply and the kitchen sink/hob/fridge has been displaced.
Total mess. Weird wiring rigged to a car DVD player screwed to the underside of the rear overhead cupboard which has 2 big cut-outs where there were car speakers set in.

We have redone the seats and I have reupholstered. I removed stick-on vinyl on the ply 'units' and have covered with Formica so it looks okay (getting a bit chipped now) and I have removed the external rack and boxes (nothing damaged there, thank goodness).
I do think older Eribas are fairly drab and I am pleased with my little 'van but I feel a bit embarrassed about the state of the kitchen when I see 'proper' ones.

I haven't been anywhere for a couple of years now. I take a couple of terriers, also getting old, so tend to go out of season. Got a new towbar on my 05 Red Fiat Panda (had one before and it's fine) so I am looking forward to tootling around again. Just going to replace the rear lights as the plastic casing has broken down and I keep getting an intermittent fault. I have a wiring chart!

Well it's what I could/can afford. I am looking to find some cupboards - hopefully I have located a good place here so wish me luck with home-from-home improvements!
Parent - By markeriba (£) Date 05-08-2021 22:02
Hello Nina, welcome to the forum.
Your Puck sounds interesting, and I’m sure members would like to see some photos if you have any.

Cheers  Mark
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