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- - By Michael ginsberg Date 25-09-2021 15:43
Hi, thanks for the content on here which has already been very helpful. We are about to collect a 540 from Cameron at Leisure First in Poole. Yesterday was a sad day as we said farewell to our cherished T6 Cali but we are confident we have made the right decision and are very excited about a new chapter with our new (to us) Eriba. There were three reasons to change: 1. A loo, 2. comfort and better sleeping and 3. having the car to explore from a location. It is our first caravan of any description and so we have a big learning curve ahead beginning with the drive home from Poole next week. I hope we do not bore everyone with too many questions!
Parent - - By Steamerpoint Forum Admin & IT Support (£) Date 30-10-2021 21:56
Welcome. Hope you are settling into caravaning okay. :wink:
Parent - By Michael ginsberg Date 12-12-2021 08:42
Hi, thank you! I have just seen your post so sorry for the delayed reply. Love our Eriba. Only had a few outings so far but can’t wait to do more next year.
Parent - - By MiSp Date 20-12-2021 16:04
Exactly the same reasons we have gone for a caravan over the Campervan. The ability to tour the area without haven’t to pack up and detach the van and reattach each time we leave the campsite is a huge benefit.
Parent - By New eriba Date 20-12-2021 20:30
We have also sold motorhome  for eriba.  Picked it up last week,so it looks like there are a few new eriba fans on here!!!!
Up Topic General Chat / Welcome - A place to say Hi - Visible Externally! / New member here!

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