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- - By MiSp Date 18-10-2021 14:31 Edited 18-10-2021 14:48

Having tried a camper van (VW T6.1) we have decided that a touring caravan would be best suited to the type of holidays we will take. This resulted in purchasing a 2021 Ocean Drive from Lowdham’s last week. It looks very nice on our drive and can’t wait to take it out for its first trip.

Some advice would be appreciated from experienced members. The Ocean Drive comes with 185 R14 steel wheels and, unfortunately I am told, the Nemesis wheel lock (my preferred option) is not compatible. Can anyone please recommend a suitable secure but lightweight wheel clamp please?
Parent - By eribaMotters (£) Date 18-10-2021 14:56
None will be particularly lightweight, and if you did find one I doubt it would have a suitable insurance approval rating. We used a Bulldog Euroclamp for many years, like this one:-

Parent - By AlanC Date 18-10-2021 16:37
We have a Troll 530 with the same steel wheels and use a Nemesis lock.  However, we do not have any hub caps, just black plastic caps on the wheel studs and a pair of plastic wheel trims that we don't use anymore. If you can remove a hub cap easily, then the Nemesis lock will be OK.

Parent - By MiSp Date 18-10-2021 22:01
Thanks guys.

By chance I came across this after I posted the above.
So looks like the Nemesis is an option after all despite the advice from Lowdhams.

I also rather liked the look of this Stronghold
Parent - - By MiSp Date 19-10-2021 11:14
Ok so I bought the Nemesis today and fitted it. Took me about an hour to get it set up correctly.

Learnings / hints if you are about to fit this to steel wheels:

1) Remove the foam sleeve and tape up the locking rod with a layer of gaffs tape to protect the wheel.
2) Use the short wheel bolt lock locator provided with the kit.
3) Try starting off with 12 of the washer spacers to get the face place flush.

I do like this wheel lock. It’s easy to access, quick to fit and lightweight to carry.
Parent - By AlanC Date 21-10-2021 11:40
Yes, getting the spacer washers correct was a little bit of a pain, but once done fitting the lock became easy.

However, the Nemesis locking bar will only fit through one of two holes on the steel wheel depending on how the wheel position ends up once parked. 
In order to make fitting it even quicker, I have marked the two relevant holes with a dab from a Sharpie felt tip pen.

Parent - By Steamerpoint Forum Admin & IT Support (£) Date 30-10-2021 21:54
I wouldn't advise you spend a lot of money on a wheel clamp to be honest. They just need to act as a deterrent to an opportunist. A determined thief will cut off any wheel clamp in a matter of a minute or two, unless it is a JSB Hublock, but these aren't quick to fit and some caravan storage parks won't allow the wheels to be removed.
Fortunately Eriba caravans don't get stolen often. :wink:
Parent - By Cwcltd6213 Date 31-10-2021 22:10
Congratulations on the Ocean Drive! We have had ours since April and love it; easy to tow and set up, and good to live in/with. We’ve only had a few problems with the (new) van; (1) bathroom door fell off during a journey, seemingly because of weak screws. We re-fitted them with wood glue and also now secure the door on journeys with a bolt on the top (inside) of the door. (2) one of the front overhead locker doors keeps dropping/opening; tried adjusting the catches but to no avail. Our supplying dealer (AV at Tebay) will fit securing straps when the van goes in for its first service.
There are lots of good points; the heater, pop up roof with the optional thermal wrap, water heater, storage etc. A superb van which we hope to use all-year and keep for several.
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