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- - By F and M Date 13-12-2021 17:08
We have enjoyed 20 years caravanning in our Troll for over 20 years. We were members of the Forum for several years and valued the friendship and technical info and help but recently other interests have taken priority. Unfortunately just as we wish to increase our travels we discover that although the caravan has been regularly serviced by Qualified Engineers it is now in need of some work by someone with experience of Eribas. Does anyone know of a reliable and experienced Eriba renovator (preferably in the North) who would be willing to assess what is needed before we go to the next step of buying a new 'van - Eriba of course!
Parent - - By eribaMotters (£) Date 13-12-2021 17:52
These folk get good comments about bodywork etc on another forum. Tony Lord at Barrowford Lancs

Parent - By F and M Date 15-12-2021 10:44
Thanks Colin. Unfortunately Tony no longer does repair work and the firm he uses for servicing in Clitheroe don't do body work. Still trying to find someone.
Parent - By Lotte (£) Date 07-03-2022 13:21
Although I can't help I wish you every success in finding a renovator. Please beware of buying a new Eriba as I have found out to my cost new does not always mean better!
After nearly 20 years of owning our Eriba it was written off and we bought a 2017 Eriba. I assumed a new Eriba would basically be the same but shinier and better. I was disappointed, in some cases its as if they have deliberately thought what can we do to this feature to make it worse! On my old Eriba I had a side flap at the side of the cooker that extended over the front seats/bed to give handy extra worktop space. On the newer models they have drastically reduced it's size, placed it on the opposite side so that when open it extends in front of the door and obstructs entry in and out, and to cap it all off the badly designed new mechanism to keep it up keeps collapsing. I have noted ingenious suggestions on how to “fix” this on various forums. I could go on and on and....
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