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- - By sixspeed Date 22-01-2022 15:03
Hi all, been vanning for a good while now and just got rid of possibly the best van i have had because of health reasons (Hymer 570SL, big beast) it was a bit of a knee jerk reaction to my
diagnosis, and it was a big mistake letting the van go, but hey ho life goes on and me and her that must be obeyed that we would like to continue vanning but in something a little smaller, hence the look out for a Eriba 3 berth, at reasonable money (if there is such a thing out there !!)

Thanks All.
Parent - - By eribaMotters (£) Date 22-01-2022 15:44 Edited 22-01-2022 15:48
So you will be after a Triton 430 or any of the Trolls. What is your reasonable money budget. A 4 or 5 year old van would be £18-20K whilst a 10 year old van would be about £14K. Older than this and I've found condition determines the price more so than age. These are rough guide prices for a private sale.

Parent - By sixspeed Date 23-01-2022 15:12
Budget up to 20k for the right one, like hens teeth, plenty 2 berth out the but that would mean either me or the dog on the floor, and i know my back wouldn't stand that, lol so for comfort for all concerned a 3 berth it is.
Parent - - By eribaeve (£) Date 29-01-2022 09:13
Sorry to hear about your loss of bigger van but I manage with a Familia, with toilet. Dog shares with us and fits in fine but he is a small Border Collie. By the way where is AUL? Eve
Parent - By DavidFPrince Date 20-03-2022 15:40
??Ashton under Lyne??
- By fidel14cora Date 24-05-2022 12:45
Hi all. How's it going?
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