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- - By Chokonen888 Date 03-02-2022 03:26
Hello from a Yank living in Japan. :cool:

Selling my old Dodge B-van (who wants to deal with another aging drivetrain?) and just agreed to buy this thing.
Seller listed it just as "2000 Hymer" but after some googling, I think it's some sort of Triton 430? (based on the windows and interior layout)
Not sure what documentation is coming with it yet but would be good to know the exact model haha.

Seems like the previous previous owner wasn't a fan of propane, the heater, fridge, and stovetop are all missing.
・I prefer to cook outdoors so the missing stove might as well be used for storage.
・The missing fridge I'm on the fence about replacing or just sticking with my trusty Coleman cooler or a portable 12V fridge. (Bears and monkeys are a thing here so storing food outside is probably safer)
・Heater is a must here and not a fan of the current owner's kerosene heater. With the propane setup gone (roof exhaust is capped but might make for a good restroom vent?) seems like something electric would be easiest and safest.

Inside of the door and one of the panels in the restroom is pretty yellowed...paint? wrap?

Was the same when I bought the current van but the Japanese don't seem to want to deal with the toilet maintenance so the throne is pristine and unused. Pulled out the cartridge and everything was unviolated. A virgin toilet!

Plenty handy myself so will be doing the work myself but since you guys have the experience, any guidance, suggestions, recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Parent - - By grafo (£) Date 03-02-2022 12:04
Welcome. With a side kitchen and a washroom it sounds like a 430. I’m not an expert, sure one will be along shortly. Keep posting photos, love to see them.
Parent - By Chokonen888 Date 03-02-2022 13:03 Edited 03-02-2022 13:06
Thanks for the reply!

Yeah, just going off the layout and pics, that's my guess. The newer ones look basically the same but with some extra trim pieces? (I wonder if I can buy and add those myself?)

More pics...gonna need some TLC to get it super comfy:

The tail lights are fugggggleeeee. Loads of aftermarket LED clusters available though :twisted:

I am cautiously wondering if I should take the FIAMMA F50PRO off my B-Van and try to fit it....not sure the length but it's massive. I saw mounting brackets for it being sold on eBay so I assume it should work??

Up Topic General Chat / Welcome - A place to say Hi - Visible Externally! / Hello from Japan

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