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- - By Marshnats Date 28-06-2022 14:26
Hello. We’re Marshall and Harriet and have been trailer tenting round the the UK and Europe with our children for the past 20 years. But now they,re all grown up, (how quick was that!), so the Trigano Olympe is going but the silver lining is we can eventually be the Eriba owners we’ve dreamed of being for so long. Thanks to the help of you enthusiasts on this great forum community we are clear that the 320gt is the one for us and it’s the model we are currently searching for (I’ve already put a post on the wanted thread so here’s hoping). Keep your ears to the ground for us and I’ll keep you posted on our searching. Once again thank you for all the valuable info in helping with our decision making and any other tips or experience you care to share as we search would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to being a part of Eribaworld.
Parent - - By eribaMotters (£) Date 28-06-2022 17:52
Welcome and best of luck with your search. I'm guessing you have tried in the usual places of e-bay, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace.
Your van will be out there, you just need to be quick when you find it.
Having said that, prices are still "all over the place" with some folk, namely private sellers, asking silly money. I'd advise going back through as many adds as you can find across forums and in general to get a good idea what are true selling prices.
Extras will throw desirability and prices. A mover will add both, whilst an awning will not. Hot water was an extra that not many wanted but we find invaluable.
Have you considered contacting Dom Fox in Norfolk. He is a dealer but his prices lie between private and dealer. He sources many vans for customers that do not make it onto his website.

Parent - - By Marshnats Date 28-06-2022 18:35
Thanks for the welcome Colin and the info. EBay, Gumtree and Facebook are a daily haunt of ours. Not sure how hard the 320s are to come across as new to hunt. One I have seen recently is an ok price and has been kept in France up until now so underside good but bodywork has a bit of that sunned chalkiness and also has an 8x6 plate/ patch riveted over what I’m concerned may have been some kind of puncture in the skin of it - shame because the rest is good but being so ‘green’ to vans I’m nervous what may lurk underneath. I feel so much safer asking people like yourself on this forum for recommendations and someone like Dom Fox who sounds like a fair dealer sounds just what I’m looking for. I’ll have a look this evening. Cheers Colin much appreciated
Parent - - By eribahaulers Date 29-06-2022 05:47
Hi, don't know what your budget is but Kool Classics have a 320GT for sale, have a look on their website.
Parent - By Marshnats Date 29-06-2022 09:11
Thanks. I’ll go and have a look
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