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The Eriba UK Forum is an active discussion group, sponsored by Eriba owners, with threads on most things Eriba. This site requires you to register and then sends you your password - which you can then change

2008 July - the ISP that hosts the UK Eriba Forum will be performing essential maintenance on their servers during the week starting 20 July 2008


The Eriba Owners Club website, or contact Barabara Lloyd, the membership secretary


Eribarijders club in the Netherlands and it looks like they have a lot of fun


Eriba Touring Club in Germany has a great wealth of information on the Eriba Touring, especially worth looking through the Tips and Tricks pages

If you need a replacement part for a classic Eriba, then look here for a great range of parts.

UK Dealer Links

Eriba UK in Lechlade are the original Eriba dealership in the UK

Eriba UK
The Priory
A417 Faringdon Road Lechlade on Thames
Gloucestershire, GL7 3EY

Phone: 01367 253 453

Web site:


Jandi more recently joined the list of Eriba dealers

St. Thomas Units
Blackburn Road Addiewell
West Calder, EH55 8NF

Phone: 01501 763 000

Web site: unknown



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