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Eriba do not fit a radio or HiFi music system as part of the standard fitments, so for years we have been using a Sony world band portable radio (still essential for France and further), and more recently a Sony 20Gb hard disk MP3 player and JBL On-Tour amplified speakers.

The Sony MP3 player and JBL speakers produce a reasonable sound, but the batteries always run out when the shops are closed, so we have been looking for a quality micro HiFi that would complement our Eriba Triton.

After some considerable searches, both internet and on foot, we happened across the JVC UN-X1 micro HiFi in one of the larger Tesco Extra stores. Even better, the systems were powered allowing us to check the audio quality and radio reception - the Tesco Extra metal clad building is a reasonable facsimile of an aluminium clad Eriba.

This JVC system comprises a mains powered CD player (MP3 capable), FM AM radio, 2 * 5 Watt amplifier, front mount line input (Sony world band radio or Sony hard disc MP3 palyer or iPOD) and headphone output, and infra-red remote control.


Player Location

This was quite an easy decision, our Triton has a locker between the two long single beds in the rear of the caravan. And in our Triton there is a floor level mains power socket by the right hand side of the locker.

The remote control has sufficient range to operate the unit from the front dinette.

If you have the long table instead of the locker, then you would probably place the player on the front dinette shelf, and run long speaker wires in the overhead trunking.

The image on the right shows the JVC player sitting on the bed side locker, and the two speakers flexibly mounted under the overhead lockers.


Speaker Mounting

My toolkit had a supply of 5 mm bolts, nylock nuts, shakeproof washers, felt washers and large steel washers, so these were used - and all holes were drilled to a diameter of 5 mm.

The JVC speakers weigh around 500 grams each and rather than just bolt the speaker to the locker floor, I decided to use a 25 mm steel washer to spread the load from the 5 mm bolt head.

You will notice that the speakers are mounted slightly away from the corners. In the Triton there is a dead space in the corner between the side and end overhead lockers, and this was thought to be an ideal place for the speaker mounting bolt. Removing the access panels revealed that the right hand dead space contains the electrical junction boxes for the 12 V supply, so we couldn't use this space.

The locker floor was drilled in-line with the edge of the locker door and 80 mm back from the front edge - a trial fit of the speaker showed this to be a good position.

The top of the plastic speaker box was drilled at the balance point - determine this by balancing the speaker on a round pencil - which is about 35 to 40 mm from the front grill. Inside the top of the speaker there is a channel for a 19 mm by 100 mm wood battern to provide additonal support, this was glued in place and drilled at the same time.

A 35 mm by 5 mm bolt and 25 mm washer was pushed down through the locker floor, then the felt washer was placed on top of the speaker, and from inside the speaker, a shakeproof washer and nylock nut was tightened up. The felt washer allows the speaker to be rotated to the best position for listening.

The JVC HiFi cost £69.95 and a morning of time.



Updated Aug 2006
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