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Trumatic Ultraheat

The Ultraheat is a supplementary electrical heater for the Trumatic S3002 fitted to the Eriba Familia (option), Triton and Troll, Eriba Feeling and Eriba Forever Young.

Three power settings of 500, 1000 and 2000 Watts, adjustable depending on your needs and the campsite power supply. Warm air is distributed via the existing ducting without affecting performance. The Ultraheat will function correctly if you have blown air heating or the basic room heater variants; however Truma suggest it works best with the blown air option and we'd suggest that you only use the lower power ratings if you have an Eriba with the basic room heater variant.

Correct placement of the remote control, so that it responds to caravan temperature rather than being tricked by hot air direct from the heater, is an very important tip to the installer.

You can now use gas only, gas + ultraheat, or ultraheat only - possibility for significant gas savings in late autumn / winter / early spring use.

DIY Installation

Special thanks to Kieran Arnold who wrote up this guide to fitting an ultraheat to his Triton - the project document is a PDF file and about 2.5 Mbytes in size



Updated Sep 2008


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