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eriba amiga

The eriba amiga website was the creation of Robert Jackson and is used by thousands of Eriba enthusiasts around the world. Robert also played a huge role in the running of the UK Eriba Forum and on his sudden and unexpected death, it was decided by the admin team to move his highly informative website onto this forum server and preserve his work for all time.

On the basis that the site is being preserved in memory of Robert, it will not be updated and we apologise if over time, some aspects of the site go out of date. Caution must also be applied if acting on the information contained within and it is advised that you seek professional advice before relying on it.

We hope you will enjoy the work and passion of one of the most knowledgeable enthusiasts to ever grace the world of Hymer Eriba Touring caravans.

A special thanks goes to his wife Brenda for allowing his work to be seen here.

In Loving Memory of

Robert Jackson

Feb 1954 - Jan 2009

Central to the Eriba Community

and a true friend.

Thinking of you always.

eriba amiga