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There is absolutely nothing to stop an individual encouraging others to join them at any campsite for a get-together, in which case the organising should be done by that individual. It would be prudent to contact the site first and ensure they can accommodate 6-15 (or more!) ERIBAS, and that they will accept payments from individual forum members (see below). A thread should be started on the forum for information and communication.

When a member of the Forum administration team organises a Forum meet, we always make arrangements for site fees to be paid directly to the site for three reasons:

Members organising informal meets and announcing them on the Forum should use the same system of direct payments to the site.


Once or twice a year, the UK ERIBA Forum organisers take on the task of managing an ERIBAFEST in the UK. We encourage all who can to attend and they are usually held somewhere central. There are some limitations where they can be held depending upon campsite flexibility and dates. These are usually publicised well in advance. Most often the site and dates are arranged and then participants make their own booking arrangements direct with the site. The organisers will liaise closely with the site owners and try to arrange for all the ERIBAS to be together in a discreet section of the site. There may also be some activities organised such as walks, cycle rides and an informal arrangement for a communal dinner. A thread will be constructed on the forum and will be used for information and communication with a link to this site for more details.


A European ERIBA Fest is an annual event and is organised by any one of the many European ERIBA forums or clubs of the country concerned. The 2010 one was in northern Spain, the 2009 one was in north eastern France and the 2011 one was in southern Germany. The organisers usually publicise these events on the various European ERIBA Forums including the UK, with sufficient time to allow folks from the various countries to plan holidays around the event. A website is usually constructed for information and to allow folks to sign-up.